by Helen Caddick


07/10/2016 Preview

08/10/2016 Public performance

world premiere

at Turner Contemporary, Margate


Reacting to the sumptuous colours and use of light Turner employed in his work, as well as the rhythm and atmosphere she sensed when viewing selected artworks in the JMW Turner: Adventures in Colour exhibition, Composer Helen Caddick has created a new Septet entitled Haze and Performed by CantiaQuorum, one of the UK’s most exciting ensembles. 

On selecting the 5 paintings, Helen threaded them together to form a fictional narrative of a sailing boat journeying around the east coast. In three sections, the opening ‘Whispering Silence’  (“Blue Moonlight over yellow sands’) serves as prelude to ‘Set Sail for the Sun’ where the sailing boat begins it’s journey, moving through choppy to calm waters, (‘A Sailing Boat off Deal’)  darkening skies, rough seas,  (A Boat and a Red Buoy on a rough sea)  and storm   (‘Storm off the East Coast’)  before we reach a final sunset (‘Sunset over the Sea’), the last movement and namesake of this piece, ‘Haze’.


A Film by Phil Miller


'Haze' by Helen Caddick is inspired by JMW Turner: Adventures in Colour. Selecting 5 paintings, taken from across 20 years in Turner's lifetime, Helen's creation of 'Haze', a musical composition has been documented by Phil Miller. You can now watch the film charting her journey as a composer from initial thoughts to performance and recording, in the gallery until 8th January. Helen Caddick is a composer who is fascinated by the idea of using art to inspire musical composition. She lives in Whitstable. Visit her website here.

Film created by Phil Miller

Phil Miller is a Whitstable based artist and photographer who has exhibited here in the UK and further afield in the US and Europe, including an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. 

To find more information about Phil, click here

The film

The film is now showing at Turner Contemporary until 8th January. On the closing day of JMW Turner: Adventures in Colour there will be a special session of the full film.